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Trap-Neuter-Return; An Uphill Battle

In recent months we've been considering a trap-neuter-return program for our area, and on July 19th we TNR'd 10 feral cats. We are often able to secure low-cost appointments for these ferals, but we still need your help!

Only an estimated 2% of the 40 million feral cats in the US have been spayed or neutered.

80% of kittens in the US are estimated to be born in feral colonies. Sadly, kitten mortality is very high in feral colonies, frequently upward of 75%.

Overpopulation is the number one cause of preventable feline death in this country. It's our collective responsibility to advance the welfare of these animals-- Please consider making a small donation toward our efforts to spay and neuter. Even just $20 will get a feral cat fixed and vaccinated. No donation is too small, and every dollar helps make a difference.

Learn more about TNR here.

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