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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

This month has been a busy one! Early in the month we only had three animals in care, now we have ten! Seven cats were removed from an outdoor colony, we expect 50-100 more still live there. Due to our foster limitations, we can only take so many at a time.

Cheeks was rescued from an outdoor cat colony that had started spiraling out of control. She is a very beautiful cat. She is very sweet for a cat from a semi-feral colony. She just needs to gain some confidence, put on some weight, and get spayed, and she'll be in great shape. We hope she finds the perfect home soon!

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Jack was trapped out in Moses Lake at a uncontrolled semi-feral colony. He is starting to relax around people. With some work he has a good chance of being adopted.

Tiny Tink was only 3lbs 14oz when we trapped her at a semi-feral colony. She is a voracious eater and is already learning to use the litterbox. She is making progress with her foster in socialization